Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Favorite Lip Colors

Per request I was asked to share my favorite lip colors. I was excited about this video because I love lip products. I wouldn't call myself a "lipstick junkie" but I must say it's one of my favorite beauty items to pick up ( next to hair products of course). I took the time to count all of my lip products, lipsticks, stains and even pencils. The total was a bit shocking...66! I couldn't believe I had so many. I sure don't act like it. No matter what store I go in I have to check out the makeup section. I actually have my eye on a few lip products now lol. Below I share my favorite lip colors from my "little" collection. I hope you all enjoy!!!

Beauty. Luv. Fashion. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Product Review| Oyin Handmade Boing + Coil Out Results

If you don't follow me on my youtube channel then you may not know that I get a CurlKit subscription each month. Because of my overwhelmig collection of products I think I'm going to do a gang of product reviews. Many of the products we receive are not even available in stores, so it gives me a chance to let you know about some "hidden treasures".

First up on this list is Oyin Handmade's Boing. I received a 1 ounce sample that I didn't think would last throughout the styling process but to my surprise I had a little left over. I decided to try a coil out style. I've only tried this style once in the past so I wanted to revisit it since my hair is a little longer now. 

This product is said to condition and define your curls while eliminating frizz. Some ingredients include sea fruit butter, coconut oil, and Irish Moss which promotes curl definition and elongation. I learned something new!

My coil out didn't quite turn out how I wanted it too but I was able to wear this style for a few days. 

Check out my full review below!