Friday, December 6, 2013

Curls Galore

I'm normally a twist out kind of girl, but something deep inside said try a new style. So I bought some perm rods and a new product and set out to achieve a rod set on my natural hair. Again I am very plain jane when it comes to styling my hair and for me this was being quite adventurous. 

I used various sizes of rods to give my hair a little shape and I love the tapered inspired look I achieved. I also decided to try Beautiful Textures' Curl Definer Mousse as my styling product. And lets just put this out there, I Jyia am a certified product junkie! So I find any occasion or non occasion to spend my much needed coins on new products…but seriously I knew a mousse would work well to achieve a roller set style on my hair. The results were amazing and it left my hair soft, full off volume and shine. I also felt that using a light weight product like a mousse did not weigh by hair down or add any unneeded extra hours to my drying time. 

This is the perfect holiday style for any occasion and for the plain jane's like me, it will add a little spice to your life! I know I felt myself!



Check out my video below on the process

lips|Riri Woo


Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hey guys!!

I'm excited to say that I have started a blog! I'm filled with so many emotions but mostly I'm super nervous and excited. Almost 3 years ago I created the name BeautyLuvFashion so that I could share my love for fashion with my very few tumblr followers. During that time I was going through so much but if I had to sum it all up in one word it was regret. I was constantly questioning myself and my only outlet was creativity. Now almost 3 years later I'm finally fulfilling that first goal I set out to achieve.

Now let me get out my feelings and get to the meat! This blog is definitely going to represent me. Some of you may know I have a youtube channel that I started almost a year ago where I share my love for my natural hair and a little make up. My blog is going to continue that trend but I'm also including fashion into the mix. I may get a little personal as well. Overall I'm here to give you me. What I like, dislike and everything in between. I hope you all enjoy!