Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hey guys!!

I'm excited to say that I have started a blog! I'm filled with so many emotions but mostly I'm super nervous and excited. Almost 3 years ago I created the name BeautyLuvFashion so that I could share my love for fashion with my very few tumblr followers. During that time I was going through so much but if I had to sum it all up in one word it was regret. I was constantly questioning myself and my only outlet was creativity. Now almost 3 years later I'm finally fulfilling that first goal I set out to achieve.

Now let me get out my feelings and get to the meat! This blog is definitely going to represent me. Some of you may know I have a youtube channel that I started almost a year ago where I share my love for my natural hair and a little make up. My blog is going to continue that trend but I'm also including fashion into the mix. I may get a little personal as well. Overall I'm here to give you me. What I like, dislike and everything in between. I hope you all enjoy!


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