Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year New Hairstyle....Flexi Rods on Short Natural Ha

Happy New Year!! It's officially 2015 and I have a new style to share with you. Me and five other women teamed up to bring the youtube world 6 different styles that we've never tried for the new year. I like variety so I've tried a lot of styles but one that didn't make the list was flexi rods. After falling in love with perm rods in 2014, I had to try flexi rods. They seem a bit intimidating but I honestly think they were a lot easier to use than perm rods.

I decided to use the Lotta Body products for this style. I received all three in previous CurlKit boxes and I really like the foaming mousse. I used various sizes of flexi real reasons it's just what I picked up because I had no clue which size would work best for me. 


  Check out my tutorial on how I achieved this style

What styles are you trying in 2015?



  1. Such a cute style and looks gorgeous on you!!

  2. Ok your blog is incredible for naturals! I look forward to future posts :) *Sidenote* I was natural for about a year & couldn't hang so you are definitely inspirational to stay true to the path!

    The Divine DeeVa

    1. Thank you! Lol I know a lot of people who tried and said they couldn't take it. You should try again in the future

  3. Great tutorial! I used Lotta Body products when I was relaxed. Now that I'm natural, I may have to try them out again.